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A man lectured and slapped by his wife like a toddler at a popular entertainment joint in Kisumu.

A man addressed and slapped by his significant other like a baby at a famous diversion joint in Kisumu as revelers watched. Some revelers were heard in the video saying that his better half was presumably balance the bills and that is the reason she was embarrassing him out in the open like a youngster.

Strangely, the couple was subsequently spotted at a similar joint around evening time getting comfortable while drunk. A man was embarrassed severely by his significant other after she attacked him in a famous diversion joint in Kisumu that was predicament loaded with revelers.

In the video that was recorded by a reveler and released on the web, the man is seen bowing down while apparently asking for pardoning from his significant other.

Nonetheless, his requests failed to be noticed.

His better half addressed him like a little child and slapped him as different revelers watched.


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