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After RUTO was named President-elect, RAILA ODINGA’s situation has not improved, and GLADYS WANGA is pleading for Azimio fans to pray for him.


Gladys Wanga, the next governor of Homa Bay, has urged Azimio supporters to pray for Raila Odinga in the wake of yesterday’s release of the final results of the general election.

Wanga expressed her dissatisfaction with the election results, which named William Ruto as the winner, on social media.

“I am aware that many of you are suffering right now from disappointment and a lack of understanding over what transpired yesterday. I share your disappointment because I am a fervent supporter of Baba. I’m hurt deeply personally, Wanga stated.

Let’s support Baba wholeheartedly and pray for him in the interim, she said.

The Azimio team was deciding how to proceed, Wanga disclosed, alluding to a potential petition against the presidential results while dismissing the poll’s outcomes as the consequence of electoral fraud.

Wanga continued, “Our extremely capable legal team has told us that the anomalies, election malpractices, and lack of openness with which Chairman Wafula Chebukati conducted the Commission’s business are so blatant that yesterday’s declaration cannot stand.

She called the electoral process fundamentally defective and insisted that the issue was not resolved.

She claims that the Azimo legal team has been put together and will be making every effort to guarantee that the proper winner is announced.

Ruto received 7,176,141 votes, or 50.49 percent of the total votes cast, while Raila received 6,942,930 votes, or 48.85 percent.



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