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“World’s biggest cheeks” woman offers a snapshot from six years ago to demonstrate her appearance before to surgery.

A woman who underwent surgery to enlarge her cheeks has revealed her appearance six years ago.

In old photos at the gym, Ukrainian model Anastasia Pokreshchuk appears completely different.

She has blonde hair that is wavy and slim bone structure in her earlier photographs.

The 33-year-old spent thousands on plastic surgery, and as a result, she now has enormous cheeks and pink hair.

To obtain the “largest cheeks in the world,” Anastasia has filled in her lips and chiseled her cheekbones.

Additionally, she underwent surgery to give herself XL curves. She also received Botox injections in her forehead and lip filler.

Fans reacted by saying she looked better before the operation.

The influencer, who had her first face filler at age 26, enjoys the way she appears after getting cosmetic enhancements.


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