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Women are advised not to use vaginal discharge as a form of perfume because it can be “hazardous.”

Women have been advised by physicians to avoid “vabbing” because it may be “dangerous” to their sexual health.

As women use their vaginal fluid as perfume to seduce males, vabbing has taken over the internet.

Women use their vaginal fluid as a pheromone by dabbing it on their pulse points, particularly those on the neck and the area behind the ears.

Mandy Lee, a writer and TikTok user, increased the practice’s popularity by discussing its alleged allure on the platform.

Jewlieah, a plus-size influencer, even vaped at the gym, where she got a hot date.

Doctors are currently discouraging ladies from this behavior.

There isn’t much proof that pheromones function the same way as they do in animals, according to Dr. Paraskevi Dimitriadi, a private gynecologist at the Centre for Surgery in London.

Even more alarming, Dr. Dimitriadi has cautioned that vaping may result in unpleasant illnesses below.

“If you use dirty fingers into your vagina to collect discharge, you can not only potentially traumatize the tissue there and spread infection, potentially leading to something as serious as a pelvic inflammatory disease,” the expert told MailOnline.

The likelihood of developing fallopian tube scars or abscesses as well as ectopic pregnancies is increased by pelvic inflammatory illness. Infertility can result from this.

Dirty fingers may potentially result in bacterial vaginosis or thrush, said Dr. Dimitriadi.

Your discharge may smell bad if you have bacterial vaginosis or thrush, which will not help you find love.


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