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Watch a video of a drunk MCHELE LADY talking about how she bribes the judge after being detained and drugs men in bars near Eastlands.

A woman who has been drugging men in bars around Eastlands and boasting about how she carries out her terrible mission has been identified as being a member of a mchele gang.

In the video, the inebriated woman boasts smugly about having poisoned numerous men in well-known clubs in Eastlands, where she camps with her companions.

She even admits that the majority of bouncers recognize her as a member of the mchele gang.

She allegedly uses stupefying narcotics to bribe bouncers into letting her inside the clubs.

She boasts that she has a lawyer who bails her out whenever she is jailed and shows off some stupefying medications in the video.

The evil woman has a long history in the industry.


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