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Shame on Kenyan media for being afraid to cover the voting results while BBC and REUTERS take over.


The Kenyan media, according to senior attorney Charles Kanjama, has let Kenyans down.

This comes after four significant Kenyan media outlets declined to count the presidential ballots, leaving the task to international media outlets including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Reuters, and CNN.

In a tweet on Friday, Kanjama said that while the Supreme Court had permitted the media to independently count the results in 2017, they had begun the exercise but abandoned it in the middle.

“IEBC struggled when the KE Supreme Court ordered it to make its servers accessible in 2017. The IEBC launched its servers in 2022. Who imagined that when given the chance to look inside completely, the KE media would hesitate? According to Kanjama, the media itself may end up being the largest threat to press freedom.

Who will restore the nerve to the KE media for them? like a hunter who draws his bowstring, shoots his arrow at his target, and then stumbles from anxiety. Who will extricate KE media from its shaking? Kanjama threw in.



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