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Don’t believe what you see on TV since it appears that the TV systems were compromised and the presidential election results were manipulated.


As far as the presidential election results are concerned, Kenyans have been told to watch the TV stations at their own risk.

The hacking of TV systems and the tampering of presidential election results have come to light.

It was the first time in Kenyan history that TV stations were permitted to compile presidential election results using raw electoral data from polling places around the nation.

It was evident that the race was close between the two front-runners, Raila Odinga and William Ruto, even if the majority of TV stations were showing varying totals based on the strategies used, the speed, and the availability of human resources.

According to polling organization Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission, most TV stations that still showed presidential results on Thursday about 10 PM had managed to count over 95% of the votes cast, or over 14 million out of the 22 million registered voters (IEBC).

The two front-runners, Raila and Ruto, were in a close race, trading the lead and each narrowly missing the 50%+1 level required to be declared the winner.

But on Friday, no TV station was showing the complete presidential results according to their count, so Kenyans awoke to “darkness.”

There was no justification provided. As of Thursday night, when the IEBC began confirming the results of the presidential election, every TV station had switched back to just broadcasting those that had been validated.

However, reports claim that the majority of the top TV stations had their tallying systems hijacked and most of them had been hacked, making it impossible to believe the aired presidential results.



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