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After ruining JIMAL’s marriage, Amber Ray advises him to “fix your family” and declares that she has no issues with Amira.

City socialite Faith Makau, alias Amber Ray, has counseled her ex-boyfriend Jimal Roho Safi to mend his family and return to his senses as a gentleman.

One of the socialite’s fans brought up the subject while she was engaging with her followers in a question-and-answer session.

Why do you try to hide the fact that Jamal is in pain? What did you give him? the follower inquired.

Amber took the chance to encourage Jimal to heal fences with Amira.

She retorted, “He needs to be loyal to himself and (go) back and mend his family.

She went on to say that she didn’t have a problem with Amira and placed the blame on Jimal.

“I have no problems with her. She blamed me for everything, which was problematic because she was well aware that I was not the issue. Anyway, I’m hoping she’s learned from this,” she remarked.


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