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According to testimony given in court, GIGGS’s ex-girlfriend sent him their sex tapes weeks after accusing him of “blackmailing” her.

According to testimony given in court, Ryan Giggs’ ex-girlfriend Kate Greville delivered him their explicit videos weeks after accusing him of “blackmailing” her.

Giggs is accused of tossing Ms. Greville out of a hotel room while she was naked in an incident that happened in Dubai in 2017. This incident was previously described to the jury in the former Manchester United player’s domestic abuse trial.

The 38-year-old Ms. Greville revealed how the Wales manager began their relationship by “lovebombing” her. She claimed that he represented her “hero in shining armor,” saving her from an unpleasant marriage.

But over time, Ms. Greville testified at Giggs’s trial, he changed into “two distinct individuals,” and by the time they were dating for the last time, he was “pretty much endlessly terrible.”

The story of Ms. Greville’s friend noticing bruises on her arms after the alleged attack and how she initially rejected them as “sex bruises” was also related before the jury. Later, she informed the police that an assault had taken place, which Giggs disputes.

But Chris Daw QC, who is the attorney for Giggs, questioned about a communication that Ms. Greville allegedly sent three weeks after the purported Middle Eastern encounter.

“Good morning, babeeee,” read the message. Wow, this is incredible. Our sexual encounters are incredible.

Then, after adding that “it’s a lengthy tale,” one of her coworkers had a problem with her ex-boyfriend who had hacked into her social media and that police had been called, Ms. Greville sent him messages wanting to meet up later that day.

Mr. Daw questioned why, if Giggs was “such a terrible abuser of women,” as she alleged, she was questioning him about harassing a lady.

Because at that point, Ms. Greville responded, nothing had reached the extremes of what we had discussed the day before. At that time, it was gradual and subtle, so it wasn’t as bad as it will be in 2019.

By October 2017, Ms. Greville had decided to leave the Middle East and relocate to Manchester to work for the hotel business founded by Giggs and Gary Neville, another ex-teammate.

When she returned to the UK in January 2018, she received a “six-figure salary” from the company and rented an apartment in the heart of Manchester.

Mr. Daw claimed that the pair had a long-distance relationship in the past but that things had changed today.

Ms. Greville has said before the court that she thought she would be dating Giggs when she returned to the UK, but he instead grew more aloof.

According to Mr. Daw, Giggs had a lot of work to do in January 2018 to get ready for his interview for the position of football manager of the Wales national team.

He wasn’t paying much attention to me because of his job, according to Ms. Greville. Clearly, he was also dealing with other issues in his life.

Despite their reconciliation in May 2019, Giggs had already destroyed their sex videos, according to testimony given in court.

Then he sent Ms Greville a message asking, “Do you still have our filthy videos?”
Before Giggs requested her to provide them to him again, she responded that she had “most of them,” according to what the court heard.

This is only six weeks after you claim he threatened to use sex films as a kind of blackmail, Mr. Daw responded to Ms. Greville.

Ms. Greville acknowledged that she had provided him “a lot of similar movies” and consented.

When the court questioned her about why she sent them, she responded, “Because we were back in a relationship.”

When asked if she was worried that the pair would experience similar problems in the future, Ms. Greviile responded, “I thought he had changed and he was in a new place.” This repeated cycle of events. He stated that he would alter.

Mr. Daw QC further questioned why, when prompted, she had not informed her friend and business partner Elsa Roodt of the alleged assault in Dubai.

I was ashamed and I didn’t want to admit it, said Ms. Greville, who was seated behind a curtain that separated her from Giggs and the audience.

It was a bruise brought on by the hard sex that the two of you enjoyed so much, Mr. Daw stated.

“That bruise was not produced by rough sex,” Ms. Greville retorted.

The court also heard how Ms. Greville sent Giggs a picture of herself through text message a few days after the alleged event in Dubai.

Tan is progressing beautifully, according to the message. The sex bruise I have is healing beautifully too!

The truth is that you occasionally get bruises from intercourse, Mr. Daw said. Not that I can remember, Ms. Greville replied.

She said: “No, I didn’t admit to the assault because I was embarrassed but I told Elsa we had argued.” She also said that she had not reported the alleged attack to Dubai police.

“I was noticeably shaken and upset when I arrived at work later that day. I made an effort to hide the bruises on my arm.

In his trial, Giggs is charged with using coercive and controlling tactics on his ex-girlfriend between August 2017 and November 2020.

He is also accused of hitting Emma Greville and Ms. Greville. At Manchester Crown Court, he is on trial for all of the accusations leveled against him.


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