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According to a British journalist, hackers on Friday upped RAILA ODINGA’s vote total by 40 million through the Reuter’s portal.

According to a British journalist, hackers broke into Reuter’s computers on Friday and inflated Kenya’s presidential vote total in order to favor Raila Odinga of Azimio One Kenya.

The Daily Mail and The Guardian columnist Nic Cheeseman, a professor of democracy at the University of Birmingham, said that unidentified hackers broke into the system and upped Raila Odinga’s vote total by 40 million.

Just to be sure, the Google portal that collects form 34Bs was recently compromised. It’s interesting that the hacker gave Odinga an impossible number, maybe to draw attention to the flaws in the computer system. Neglect this! It should shortly be fixed…,” Nick Cheeseman tweeted.

Additionally, he requested that any Kenyans with proof of rigging DM him and give the contentious forms 3A and 3B.

Here is the screenshot of how Reuter’s servers were hacked on Friday afternoon.


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