UHURU informs the Kikuyu community that he never tried to expel DP RUTO from the administration while pleading for pardon.


Claims that President Uhuru Kenyatta expelled some of his former allies from the government have been refuted.

The Head of State asserted that he has never dismissed a member of the cabinet in an interview with Kikuyu FM stations on Sunday night.

“Even those who claimed that the handshake altered political dynamics. Is there anyone whose employment I terminated? Uhuru declared, “I never drove anyone from government.

William Ruto, the deputy president, and his allies have long maintained that the DP was forced out of the administration.

Uhuru added that he had no intention of doing anyone harm while in office.

If I’ve done you wrong, please pardon me. I never get up with the intention of hurting somebody, Uhuru added.

Even though many were moved to tears by the president’s singing of a Kikuyu song after the speech despite not understanding the language,

While some Kenyans believed the president made every effort to bring the nation together, others said that throughout his 10-year term, the fourth president accomplished what the country’s founding fathers had failed to do.


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