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With no remorse, JUSTINA WAMAE now explains why she revealed her boss, GEORGE WAJACKOYAH, as RAILA ODINGA’s snitch.


Justina Wamae, the vice presidential running mate of the Roots Party’s George Wajackoyah, has defended her decision to reveal her party’s leader as an Azimio and Raila Odinga fan.

Wamae explained in an interview yesterday that she felt forced to make that declaration in order to reaffirm her place in the party and as Wajackoyah’s running mate.

She maintained that her public speech demonstrated that prominent principals can hold opposing beliefs without being belligerent toward one another.

“Last night, all I did was support my boss’s position. We had had previous accusations that we were a project, my supervisor had provided comments, and there had been a party statement.

I represent a group of women and young people, and they told me that if I didn’t say anything, I’d come across as a flower girl.

She continued, “So I had to speak up, and my employer was aware of it.

At the same time, Wamae disqualified herself from supporting either Kenya Kwanza or Azimio, adamant that her and Wajackoyah’s candidacy would proceed to the vote.

Wamae stated, “As of right now, my boss and I are not at odds, and I like the route Roots Party is pursuing to ensure that Kenyans perceive politics as something distinct of not just sycophants, you can raise your voice.

Wamae claimed that her speech increased the stake for the party, which was declining in recent polls.

Wamae had charged her boss with siding with the former Prime Minister against the wishes of the Roots Party without consulting her.

She insisted that if the party adopted such stance, she would not support Azimio.

It is true that Wajackoyah is backing Azimio, but our party hasn’t talked about that.

“I will support the opposing candidate if we need to take a position on who to endorse. We have been designated as a project twice, but as a party, we have not consented, she said.

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