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Whether you like it or not, RAILA will be the next president, and I’ll make sure of it. UHURU has already dealt RUTO the death blow.


William Ruto, the deputy president, is merely squandering his time and money by running for president.

President Uhuru Kenyatta made this known when he declared that Raila Odinga, a candidate for the Azimio party, would succeed him as president.

Uhuru exuded confidence yesterday in Mombasa as he unveiled infrastructure projects, stating that his backing of Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga was a sure bet and not a political gamble. He also said that this would solidify his legacy and unite the entire nation.

Only Raila Odinga, he said, would forward his development agenda.

In order to elect his favored successor, Raila, who he described as an honest leader without a “thirst” for public resources, he urged the 1.9 million voters in the Coast to cast their ballots in big numbers.

Uhuru criticized Ruto at the same moment, calling him a dishonest leader. He charged him with misleading Kenyans by claiming that Jubilee Government projects were put on hold as a result of his handshake with Raila Odinga.

“Some believe that in 2017, government projects were halted as a result of the handshake. This road itself is sufficient proof.

“We started building it in 2020, and it was finished on schedule,” he remarked.

For the position of Mombasa Governor, the President also supported Abdulswamad Nassir of the ODM.



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