The dishonest RIGATHI GACHAGUA now claims that RAILA is senile and denies having been found guilty of corruption.


Rigathi Gachagua, running partner to deputy president William Ruto, has rejected Raila Odinga’s demands that he be disqualified from the election on August 9.

Gachagua described Raila’s comments as nonsensical in an interview.

He claimed that contrary to Raila Odinga’s claims, he has never been found guilty of a crime.

“I am not convinced. I believe the elderly man has become mentally impaired. Who was found guilty? I have never been found guilty of a crime.

“I haven’t been found guilty. I and Ara were involved in a civil dispute that was before the courts, and I have previously appealed the decision. According to Gachagua, it is a civil concern and not a criminal one.

Raila sought Gachagua’s disqualification during a campaign stop in Kirinyaga on Monday, claiming that he is a convicted criminal.

Raila referenced a court decision from last week that required the Mathira MP to give the State Sh200 million that it said he had obtained fraudulently.

If you have been charged with a crime, you are unable to run for president or serve as a running mate, according to Section 6 of the Constitution.

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