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As Safaricom makes a bold declaration regarding the transmission of election results, there would be no election tampering this time around.


Kenyans should relax this time around since no one would be able to rig the elections, according to massive telecommunications major Safaricom.

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa assured Kenyans that he has put in place the necessary infrastructure to ensure the smooth transmission of election results while speaking at a prayer function organized by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and the National Council of Churches of Kenya at Bomas.

Ndegwa claims that Safaricom is prepared to provide effective services that would support free and fair elections.

“We guarantee that nobody will tamper with the information being transmitted to IEBC. If there are any questions, we will respond to them in real-time and will do everything we can to facilitate the process, Ndegwa said.

The duty of providing 4G internet access for the broadcasting of election results has been given to Safaricom.

Ndegwa stated that they are prepared to assist the IEBC during the election despite the fact that they do not support any particular political party.

“We’ll give it our all. We have the greatest system in place. We are a third party, and we want the communication to occur in an improper manner, the man continued.

The Constitution is crystal clear: in order to be barred, a person must have been found guilty for six months and have used up all available appeals rights.

“I haven’t been found guilty. I and Ara were involved in a civil dispute that was before the courts, and I have previously appealed the decision. According to Gachagua, it is a civil concern and not a criminal one.

Raila sought Gachagua’s disqualification during a campaign stop in Kirinyaga on Monday, claiming that he is a convicted criminal.

Raila referenced a court decision from last week that required the Mathira MP to give the State Sh200 million that it said he had obtained fraudulently.

If you violate Section 6 of the Constitution, you are ineligible to run for president or serve as the vice president.

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