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Why would I plan to murder someone while I am about to leave? – UHURU lashes out at DP RUTO as their acrimonious arguments get ugly.


Deputy President William Ruto’s claim that the president and his family are targets of his assassination has been mocked by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Before the General Election on August 9th, Ruto made the shocking assertion that Uhuru wants to kill him, his family, and his associates.

Uhuru, however, criticized the DP yesterday for propagating lies in order to win votes for pity.

Uhuru warns the DP to stop spreading lies about him, claiming that he had the opportunity, the ability, and the means to kill Ruto and his family but chose not to.

“Don’t make it sound like I want to kill you when I answer to the misinformation you are spreading among Kenyans. Has someone hurt you after disrespecting me for three years? Uhuru questioned.

“I don’t have to tell everyone that I want to kill you. Why, while I am on my way out, would I want to plan to murder anyone?

Uhuru encouraged Ruto to cease the sideshows and focus on promoting his program to Kenyans at the same time.

“Sell your plans, and go away. I’ll do my part and finish the task. We will return home together if they don’t elect you, but if they do, that’s fine too,” Uhuru said.

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