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Now, RUTO affirms that UHURU has revised his decision to cede power to him in light of the nation’s mood.


It appears that President Uhuru may have altered his mind about appointing William Ruto as his successor when his tenure is up.

Ruto himself corroborated this, saying that Uhuru is, in fact, thinking about giving him the reins after the general election on August 9.

Speaking in his hometown of Eldoret, Uasin Gishu, Ruto cited Uhuru’s address during the expressway’s inauguration as a plus for his bid for the State House.

The Head of State confirmed he would transfer power to the candidate who won the election on August 9 when he expressed confidence in his victory.

“You all heard him yesterday (Sunday), didn’t you? Previously, he stated that he would never hand over power to William Ruto, but he said that will hand over power to whoever will win the election,” Ruto reiterated.

However, the Deputy President sarcastically lauded Uhuru for being a champion of democracy. He affirmed that he would send both him and Azimio candidate Raila Odinga home.

“I also heard you say that whoever will lose, you will go home along with him. Now prepare yourself and put your kitendawili baggage on a wheelbarrow and take him home,” he added.

Ruto was responding to the President, who distanced himself from claims that he was planning to kill him and his allies.

For nearly three years, you have insulted me; has anyone touched you? Did I not have the ability while I was in office for those three years? Do you think I’ll have time to look for you now that I wish to relinquish control of the government and my authority is limited? As Uhuru said.



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