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Ford Kenya complicates RUTO’s strategy in Kilifi by withdrawing its candidate from the governor’s contest and supporting AISHA JUMWA’s most adamant opponent – Look!


In Deputy President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza, the sibling rivalry has intensified. This is in response to Ford Kenya’s gubernatorial candidate in Kilifi County withdrawing from the contest in favor of George Kithi of the Pamoja African Alliance (PAA), who is Aisha Jumwa of the UDA’s greatest competitor.

During a rally in Chonyi, Kaloleni Constituency, Michael Tinga declared his withdrawal from the election in favor of Kithi.

Tinga declared that he had made up his mind to support PAA because he agreed with his plan to change Kilifi County.

Free education, the creation of jobs, and the development of industries were among the promises made by the High Court’s lawyer and advocate.

That is both his and mine agenda, he said. We will collaborate and provide as a result when we come together, Tinga said.

The race for governor of Kilifi has evolved into a power struggle between Raila Odinga’s Azimio and the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, which is thought to have a sizable following in the county and region.

In Ruto’s camp, the sibling rivalry has intensified as a result of Micheal Tinga’s decision to resign in favor of PAA candidate George Kithi.

Amason Kingi, the leader of the PAA Party, is in his final year of office and hopes to use his power to tip the election in Kithi’s favor.



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