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Mchina Ogopa! Check all the disturbing things Chinese males are doing to married and unmarried Luo women. Men, take care of your spouses.

Gladys Wanga, a representative for Homa Bay women, has urged married Luo men in the county to keep their wives hidden from the Chinese or else they will weep in the bathroom.

Following reports that Chinese are seducing desperate women from Luo Nyanza, impregnating them, and then taking off in the air, this action was taken.

In jest, Wanga, who is running for governor of Homa Bay in the upcoming election, warned that women will soon give birth to children with small eyes if men do not shield their wives and daughters from Chinese men. Wanga was speaking at Adiedo Trading Center, Kanyaluo Ward in Karachuonyo Constituency.

 “Give the Chinese everything but not your women. If you don’t take care, we will have children with small eyes. Just on a light note,” Wanga said.

Wanga was speaking during the launch of the construction of the 18-KM Adiedo-Karabok Road.

She requested locals to accord the Chinese contractor the necessary support needed to complete the road in the stipulated two years.

She, however, warned that there would be numerous half-Asian babies in the area with nobody to support them because the contractor would have left.

Since the Chinese were contracted to build road networks in the region, they have been accused of making sexual advances on local women.

The Chinese have further been faulted for siring babies with local women and then going missing as the women cannot easily differentiate the man that she sired the offspring with.

This has left the women to single-handedly raise half Asian babies.

According to Samuel Owida, an opinion leader in Homa Bay, the Chinese men easily lure women workers due to their heavy pockets.

Owida claimed that despite the fact that foreigners are unable to communicate in the native tongue, local women are nevertheless frequently targeted because of the severe economic crisis and the Chinese’ use of cash to reach out to the weak.

In some regions of the nation where the offspring are born with Chinese features, the effects of such unions have been demonstrated, he claimed.


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