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DP RUTO slapped my spouse a hard smack at State House in Nairobi; don’t vote for him. The widow of the late REUBEN CHESIRE urges Kenyans.

Reuben Chesire’s widow has warned Kenyans not to support William Ruto for president of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance because he is an angry and violent man. Reuben Chesire was a former member of parliament for Eldoret North.

Alice Chesire described how Ruto gave her husband a hard slap at State House in Nairobi in the year 2002 in an interview with one of the local dailies.

“On that day, when he returned home, I could see he was going through a lot of emotional agony. He told us what had transpired in agony while one of his eyes was crimson.Mrs. Chesire recalled.

The matriarch of the Chesire family also clarified that they have no malice towards DP Ruto in speaking up now and especially with barely 9 days to the elections.

“I am speaking now because there have been a lot of stories going around about this incident that happened to my late husband, Reuben Chesire since the viral audio of the deputy president saying he almost slapped the president,” she said.

She stated that after the alleged incident, Chesire did not follow through on the police report because he hoped the matter would be resolved internally but the DP never reached out to make peace.

In order to speak with him and have the elders direct the young guy in the correct direction, he had requested Ruto to visit him with three elders. He waited for William Ruto to come and ask for forgiveness for such a long time, but Ruto never showed up until the year of his death in 2008, Alice said.


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