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When fighting over a customer, a prostitute used a sharp tool to cut her colleague’s VAGINA.

The Ghana Police Service has detained a prostitute in the Ashanti Region for reportedly using a blade to sever a fellow employee’s private area.

The defendant, who was referred to as the patron saint of all prostitutes in Dichemso Plaza, is also accused of stabbing her victim in the face and thighs after she reportedly snatched her client.

According to local news outlets, Bella, the suspect, urged Ruth, a colleague, not to approach a particular man because he was her top client.

She reportedly also threatened to use sharp instruments to “design” Ruth’s face if she disregarded her warning.

Bella and the other four approached Ruth by the roadside and pinned her to the ground after she disregarded the warning.

Later, they supported her wrists and legs while Bella sliced her face and private area.

The four individuals who assisted Bella in performing the crime have not yet been apprehended by the police since they escaped after learning of Bella’s detention.


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