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See what the most recent Infotrak poll, conducted just after the presidential debate in which RUTO was absent, showed: RAILA is winning this thing in the first round.


William Ruto, the deputy president, is currently a target of attack. With only 11 days till the much awaited votes on August 9th, the most recent opinion survey revealed he had considerably lost ground to Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate for Azimio.

In July, Ruto lost 3 percent in Kitui, 8 percent in Machakos, and 5 percent in Makueni, according to a new Infotrak poll.

Early in July, the UDA flag bearer in Machakos County enjoyed a 29 percent popularity rating, but by mid-July, that number had fallen to 21 percent.

In July 2022, the DP had a popularity rating of 24% in Kitui County and 21% in Makueni for the same period, but those ratings have subsequently fallen to 21% and 16% in those two counties, respectively.

On the other side, in Kitui County, support for Raila Odinga rose from 55% in early July to 57% in mid-July.

By the end of July, he had increased his popularity in Machakos County by 11%, moving it from 50% to 62%.

In the same period, Raila had a notable improvement in Makueni County, where he gained 11%. He currently has a 68 percent approval rating in the county.

If elections were held today, Raila would win in round one, at least in Ukambani.

The most recent survey was released shortly after the presidential debate, where Ruto was left alone because Raila skipped it.



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