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RIGATHI GACHAGUA’s career is finished after a judge finds him guilty of corruption — notice how he pillaged the government without giving anything back?

After his running mate, Rigathi Gachagua, was found guilty of corruption, Deputy President William Ruto was put in a vulnerable position.

The Nairobi Anti-Corruption Court ordered Gachagua to turn over Ksh202 million that had been frozen to the government in a decision made by Magistrate Esther Maina.

The court determined that the funds that governmental agencies had frozen represented the proceeds of corruption.

The Mathira MP did not provide any products or services in exchange for the money, the court further determined.

On July 23, 2021, agents from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had taken Gachagua away from his Nyeri house due to allegations of money laundering.

He was subsequently taken via ferry to the DCI’s main office for questioning. After being connected to a Ksh12 billion in mysterious payments made through 42 proxy businesses, the Mathira MP was detained.

Gachagua was accused of conspiring to commit corruption, obtaining public property fraudulently, money laundering, receiving proceeds of crime, and conflict of interest.

He spent three days in police jail, but was eventually freed on July 26 on a Ksh12 million cash bail and a Ksh25 million alternative bond.

Additionally, the legislator was instructed to turn in his passport and to avoid speaking to any of the witnesses.

The decision was made despite Gachagua boasting that if Ruto were to win, he would unfreeze his funds and utilize them to construct a large mansion where people might gather and eat nyama choma.


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