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People, watch as UHURU begins to pack up his stuff and leave the White House to make room for the next president -President Uhuru Kenyatta is finally coming to terms with the fact that he only has 11 days left to serve in the White House.

The truth is so strong that Uhuru has begun transferring his personal items from State House to his private home.

Moving crews reportedly began packing his personal belongings from State House, Nairobi, and every other state lodge in the nation.

For the past ten years, the President has resided in every state lodge.

After the late Mwai Kibaki officially handed over power to him, he moved into the house.

At a goodbye celebration on Sunday at State House, Uhuru honored the staff members who had worked for him for ten years.

William Ruto, his deputy, is also in the midst of leaving his official home in Karen, which is also scheduled to undergo renovations.

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) are additionally getting ready for the swearing-in ceremony, which will also be Uhuru’s final military parade.

Ruto cannot be trusted, therefore Uhuru previously intimated that he will only cede power to his handshake friend Raila Odinga.


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