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Mr. President, you have sunk too low in targeting DP RUTO, the CITY LAWYER informs UHURU.


President Uhuru Kenyatta has come under fire from a well-known Nairobi attorney for criticizing William Ruto in public.

Uhuru, who will step down in ten days, has been railing at his deputy for the past few weeks, calling him a crooked leader with nothing to offer Kenyans.

In reality, Uhuru declared, “By next week, Ruto will know I am the President. I will do something that will make him know and remember I am president,” when he met with leaders of the Kalenjin Community at State House Nakuru on Wednesday.

In response to Uhuru’s remarks, city attorney Ahmednasir Abdullahi claimed that Uhuru was acting inappropriately by speaking with DP Ruto given that he is scheduled to step down in the next 10 days.

Ahmednasir posted on his Twitter profile, “H.E UHURU HAS GONE LOW AND PERSONAL WITH DP RUTO.”

Uhuru has made it clear that he wants Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate for the Azimio One Kenya Alliance, to succeed him in August.

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