Mike Sonko claims that MARTHA Karua was responsible for the Supreme Court ruling that barred him from running for the Mombasa governor’s seat.


Mike Sonko, a former Nairobi governor, has claimed that his running mate for the Azimio-One Kenya Alliance, Martha Karua, betrayed him by secretly opposing his campaign for the governor of Mombasa in August.

Sonko claimed in an interview with a local TV station on Thursday that Raila Odinga’s deputy Karua had spoken to Chief Justice Martha Koome and asked her to prevent him from running for governor of Mombasa.

Sonko was disqualified from running for the top position in Mombasa two weeks ago by the Supreme Court, which was chaired by Koome, due to his impeachment as the governor of Nairobi.

Sonko claimed that Karua, who spoke with Koome because they are close friends, interfered with the investigation.

He claimed that Martha Karua had approached him before the Supreme Court decision was pronounced and asked him to resign in favor of ODM gubernatorial candidate honorable Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir.

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