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Conflicted KU VC Prof. PAUL WAINAINA discusses his next move following a significant victory over UHURU in the KU land dispute. Check out what he said, which might make the president crazy.

Prof. Paul Wainaina, the embattled vice chancellor of Kenyatta University, has vowed that he won’t step down unless it is established that he broke the law by refusing to turn over the institution’s land to the government as President Uhuru Kenyatta had requested.

The VC indicated his actions, which included clashing with the president, were intended to protect the interests of the students in remarks made at the school following his reinstatement by the High Court yesterday.

He continued by saying that the area the institution was being requested to give up was intended for the medical school’s growth.

“I can do that if I have to leave to protect our students, especially the medical students. I have done nothing wrong, so let’s wait and see what happens. For the time being, though, I am the VC of KU.

“If they believe they have evidence supporting what I have done, then they should present it. Without that, I want to stress that we have faith in the legal system and will ensure that nothing is done against the law, according to Wainaina.

Wainaina denied claims that he had left his position as reported in the media at the same time, claiming he was ejected from office for refusing to have a relationship with Uhuru.

“A lot of people claim that I resigned. Since I haven’t done anything wrong, I choose not to quit.

“I’m here because I’m doing what is required by law, and I’ll wait until the three court cases are over. We will carry on as usual and get ready to welcome new pupils, the VC said.

Wainaina was one of the officials that disobeyed Uhuru’s order to turn over some of KU land to the World Health Organization (WHO) for the construction of an emergency hub and was consequently fired and replaced.


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