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Ata Mbinguni hawatafika UHURU na TUJU! The two leaders, according to OSCAR SUDI, resemble Judas Iscariot.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Azimio One Kenya Executive Director Raphael Tuju, according to Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi, will not “see paradise” if they pass away right now.

In response to Tuju’s allegations that DP Ruto received millions of dollars to back Uhuru in 2013 and 2017, Sudi stated that even if Ruto had been bought off by Mama Ngina, the president and his henchmen still lacked the authority to abuse and humiliate the Second in Command.

Sudi characterized President Uhuru as a person who dislikes it when other Kenyans get financial independence.

The outspoken lawmaker claimed that Uhuru and his family wanted to continue oppressing Kenyans by remaining the only wealthy family in the nation.

The MP concluded by stating that since Uhuru and Tuju were only envious of DP Ruto holding the position of highest authority in the land, their actions would prevent them from joining heaven.

Junior officers at State House and in the President’s Office have humiliated and made fun of Ruto over the past five years.


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