DP RUTO tells UHURU, “Wacha Kuwa na Roho Mbaya,” as he makes a promise to destroy RAILA ODINGA in August.


William Ruto, the presidential candidate for the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to leave office on good terms in August and to stop meddling in the election.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has already shifted into fifth gear and is currently campaigning for Raila Odinga, the Azimio presidential candidate, while demeaning Ruto.

Ruto asked the President to act honorably and put an end to the unproductive and defamatory efforts against him in remarks he made on Thursday while leading Kenya Kwanza Alliance campaigns in Meru county.

Further urging the President to return home in August, Ruto said that he would humiliate his “project,” Raila Odinga, in that month whether he liked it or not.

Uhuru: “Wacha kuwa na roho mbaya ndugu yangu. Because a wheelbarrow was being used as Agosti, Ruto stated, “Wakana na hii mchezo ya bwana Kitendawili.”

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