UHURU must personally appear here and express RAILA ODINGA’s regrets to us, or else… – Now the Jubilee candidate makes an odd demand.


James Lomenen, a senatorial candidate for the Turkana County Jubilee and now serving Turkana MP, has pleaded with President Uhuru Kenyatta to step in and travel to Turkana County to make amends for the Azimio la Umoja camp on behalf of the Jubilee party supporters.

Speaking to the media, Lomenen expressed his outrage over the recent disorder that ruined Raila Odinga’s visit to the county.

This comes after Raila witnessed ODM rally attendees brutally beating their Jubilee rivals.

Lomenen advised Uhuru to consider visiting Turkana as their party patron as a result and extend his apologies to Jubilee party followers.

The legislator bemoaned the fact that Jubilee supporters in Turkana have been treated disrespectfully by ODM supporters since they have been living like orphans since the president abandoned them.

“We have missed our party’s leader, President Uhuru Kenyatta, and at the moment, we are treated as fatherless orphans who are at risk. We are being humiliated because Raila Odinga, the patriarch of ODM, has visited Turkana County three times while we have never been there.

We have been humiliated, so we ask our president and our party leader to come here and apologize to us on behalf of Azimio, said Lomenen.

Lomenen claims that Raila Odinga’s security and several ODM supporters instigated the altercation by hitting anyone in the crowd displaying posters for Jubilee party candidates.

“During the rally, ODM and Raila’s security were very haughty. They approached a group of ladies who were holding posters for Jubilee candidates, and they immediately began abusing and assaulting them. They didn’t want to see any campaign posters for Mr. John Munyes, our Jubilee’s candidate for governor, he stated.

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