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Some poisonous women believe the Kikuyu gospel singer made a mistake when she gave her unemployed husband a car to give him more independence (PHOTOs).

Future Kikuyu gospel performer Charity Waruinu gave her unemployed husband a car that he will use to operate a taxi service.

Karangu Muraya, a well-known Kikuyu artist and MC recognized for his charitable activities, declared charity’s selfless gesture.

Karangu mentioned that Kelvin, Charity’s spouse, had been jobless for a long time.

Waruinu realized she needed to help her unemployed husband by purchasing him the car after she made a sizable profit on Sunday when she organized a successful gospel concert at the Blue Springs Hotel.

“When a husband is empowered, the entire family is empowered. Congratulations to Charity Waruinu for choosing to support her jobless husband Kelvin first, as stated in Karangu’s message.

Reactions to Waruinu’s heroic deed were generated, especially among women.

“Congratulations, but I’m hesitant about a woman giving her husband more control. But perhaps he is special,” a woman remarked.

Congratulations to them, but let me attempt in another world for the empowering issue, said another woman.

View images of the gospel singer giving her hubby the automobile.


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