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With 20 days left till the general election on August 9th, KALONZO has now “divorced” his candidate WAVINYA NDETI, and RUTO is over the moon.

Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA may be surreptitiously given an early victory in the Machakos governor’s contest by Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

This comes after it was revealed that he had ‘divorced’ Wavinya Ndeti, his own Wiper candidate for governor of Machakos, for defrauding low-income Kenyans in land deals.

Existing in utter poverty and blaming Wavinya for it are thousands of women and young people who lost millions of shillings in a land purchase deal that turned out to be a nasty con job.

Additionally, investors to whom Wavinya later sold the property are also in a panic at the possibility of losing the property if the actual owners decide to file a lawsuit.

Due to the hatred of those who were conned into participating in a land acquisition plan that was nothing more than a blatant con-game, there are some regions in Machakos where Wavinya dare not approach. This is because the land “wash wash” situation is so sensitive.

These are the reasons why Kalonzo has since cut ties with Wavinya Ndeti’s political campaigns. He no longer even shows up to his rallies out of concern for the consequences.

With Kalonzo’s action, Johnston Muthama of the UDA has new momentum going into the election.


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