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RAILA ODINGA is a crook; he has defrauded me once more! As he berates BABA, former chief of staff CAROLI OMONDI issues a warning to Kenyans.


Former chief of staff for Raila Odinga’s presidential campaign in Azimio, Caroli Omondi, is a resentful individual.

After it was discovered that his old boss, Raila Odinga, had defrauded him of millions of shillings, he did this.

According to insiders, Caroli is enraged with Raila for tricking him into rejoining ODM, which he had left, simply for his money. Caroli is fighting to win the illusive Suba South parliamentary seat on his third attempt on an ODM ticket.

Raila Odinga, a presidential candidate from Azimio, is reported to have called Caroli earlier this year to set up a meeting at the Serena Hotel, which Caroli is alleged to have revealed to his inner circle.

He also mentioned in the meeting that Raila purportedly opened an envelope containing a survey that claimed to have him ranked at 60%, far ahead of his rivals.

I later renounced my membership in DAP-Kenya, the party I intended to utilize for the election, and I joined ODM instead, Caroli said.

He further admitted that in order to “finish the process” of handing him a direct ticket to run on an ODM ticket, he paid Raila’s aide Sh20 million, Winnie Odinga Sh10 million, and Catherine Mumma, the chair of the ODM Elections Board, Sh15 million.

But as his campaign ran into trouble, Caroli realized he had been duped, which caused him to break down in tears and cry vehemently.



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