Drama when a lady confronts her baby daddy because he only bought food for the child they share although she is the mother of three other children by separate men.


A woman confronted her baby daddy when he went to a McDonald’s restaurant and bought food for the one child they have together even though she has three other children, as seen in a video that has circulated on social media.

The enraged woman is seen in the video asking her baby daddy why he only cares about the child they have sired together despite the fact that he is aware of her other children.

She gripes that it is unfair for the other three children to do nothing but observe as their son indulges in the delectable fare by himself.

Her baby daddy, however, makes it plain that he will solely care for his boy and that her other baby baddies should look after their children.

In the video, he is heard telling her, “Tell them it is their job and not my responsibility.”

Okay, but if you’re going to bring one, bring it for everyone, she says.

Insisting that she won’t allow her three other children to salivate while their son enjoys the MacDonald’s food alone, she then takes the food from her baby daddy and throws it away.


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