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You won’t believe what UHURU was doing in State House when RUTO caught him red-handed after the nullification of their triumph in 2017 — No wonder he almost slapped him!

Intoxicated to the point of insanity when the Supreme Court declared President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win in 2017 invalid.

Deputy President William Ruto reportedly stormed State House Nairobi just after the Supreme Court declared the election invalid and discovered Uhuru sobbing into his favorite beverage while debating his next course of action.

Uhuru was drinking expensive Glenfidditch rather than just any booze because he was on the verge of giving up and wanted to forget what was happening in the rest of the nation.

Ruto was so enraged by this that he nearly smacked him in the face with reality after telling him he was prepared to give up the seat and return to Ichaweri.

The scandal surrounding an audio recording of Ruto stating he nearly smacked him for nearly resigning his position after their 2017 election was declared invalid prompted Uhuru to speak out last week.

Uhuru addressed the topic that has dominated political conversation for almost a week, claiming that if Ruto had dared to slap him, he would have responded in accordance with the biblical command to “turn to him likewise the other cheek.”

Ruto became upset and nearly slapped Uhuru after the Supreme Court declared his election invalid. Uhuru said that he was willing to give up the position for the sake of national harmony.


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