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The shocking revelation that RUTO wanted Kenya to be a pariah state comes after he nearly arrested MARAGA for voiding their victory in 2017 in order to make a statement to RAILA and the international community.


The specifics of the demands made by Deputy President William Ruto to President Uhuru Kenyatta after the Supreme Court invalidated the results of the presidential election in 2017—demands that almost caused the second-in-command to slap his boss—can now be made public.

According to sources, Ruto stormed State House Nairobi as soon as the Supreme Court declared the presidential election invalid and discovered Uhuru sobbing into his favorite beverage while debating his next course of action.

Sources claim that Ruto pressed Uhuru to order the immediate arrest of the four Supreme Court justices who declared the elections invalid and to hold them incommunicado.

To send a message that the Uhuru administration was not willing to entertain saboteurs paid by their local and foreign masters to destabilize the country, he demanded that the then Chief Justice David Maraga, his Deputy Philomena Mwilu, and judges Smokin Wanjala and Isaac Lenaola be arrested and held incommunicado.

He claimed that the four judges who found the anomalies endangered the integrity of the presidential election were employed by Raila and Western powers who wanted the Jubilee government to be overthrown and that elections are not an event but a process.

Judges Jackton Ojwang and Njoki Ndung’u, who dissented, as well as Justice Mohammed Ibrahim, who became ill on the second election day, were told to be spared by Ruto.

He demanded that the three judges be called as witnesses for the prosecution and that Maraga and his cronies be brought before the court to answer for sabotage and treason.

He advised the president to arrest and charge with sabotage any judge from the three who refuses to testify against their peers.

The DP became very irate and almost slapped the president when Uhuru bluntly refused to accept Ruto’s plan, warning him that he would sooner quit than arrest the judges for exercising rights granted to them by the constitution.



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