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Months after their highly publicized wedding, GEORGE KARIUKI’s ex-wife KEZIAH divorced him and declared that “peace is the most essential thing.”

After word spread that her marriage had broken down, Keziah Wa Kariuki, a well-known Kikuyu media figure and Kiengei’s ex-wife, eventually broke her silence.

Keziah intimated on her official Facebook page that her marriage might not be as stable as others had thought.

According to the former Kameme TV host, there is nothing in this world that can match to having peace of mind.

Everything else, according to her, can be lost, but one’s mental and emotional health must endure.

“Peace is crucial because it not only makes us feel good and happy but also puts us in the appropriate frame of mind to imagine, hope, and create valuable things. The only environment in which building dreams and visions is feasible is one of peace, she wrote in her essay.

It is rumored that Keziah dumped her spouse due to his infidelity.

She has filed for divorce and took off her wedding ring.

They were wed in a colorful ceremony last year in front of friends and family.


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