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A Kamba woman he invited for “fun” wiped his house clean, and an Embakasi guy screams foul. Shame on you, TRIZAH WANZIA (PHOTOs).


After a woman he entertained for an eventful weekend wiped his house spotless, a middle-aged man from Embakasi is counting his losses.

According to reports, the woman named as Trizah Wanzia cleaned his home.

On Saturday, he left her home alone, and when he returned, he was astonished to discover that she had vanished with his belongings and money.

The man in distress claimed that he had known the woman since the previous year.

Last Friday, she asked to see him, and because they had already spoken on the phone several times, he was happy to oblige.

He had no idea, though, that losing all of his cash and personal goods would put him in a dire financial situation.

He reached out to blogger Cyprian Nyakundi requesting help in tracing the lady.

He has since reported the matter to the police.

“Hi, Nyakundi,

Can you please help me get to know where this lady is?

She is wanted.

We have been friends with her since last year and she once came to my house na aka stay like 2 days.

Tumekaa like 5 months hatujaonana so last Friday akanicall akasema anakam and I told her ni sawa so akakam jioni then on Sato nikaitwa job mapema nikatoka nikamuacha kwa hao.

So kutoka job nimepata amenichota vitu kwa nyumba na akapotea nazo plus pesa.

Nimereport na niko na OB.

Ukimwanika maybe tunaweza jua ako wapi.

Her Facebook name is Triz Wanzia,” he wrote to Cyprian.

Below are photos of the cunning lady.

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