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LADY claims that until her husband brought it out, she was unaware that she was a lesbian.

34-year-old Jennifer, a writer and mother of three children (ages 12, 10, and six), said that watching the BBC series Killing Eve with her husband James during lockdown opened her eyes.

She stated to The Sun:

“First, we saw the movie This Is England, and for the rest of the day, all I could think about was Vicky McClure, who played the lead.

“As we moved on to Killing Eve, Jodie Comer also caught my attention, but I just chalked it up to adoration more than anything else.

The first person to propose that I might be a lesbian was really my husband.

“At first, I was offended. I pondered why female appreciation of other females couldn’t be done without being sexual.

But as time passed and my interest in women grew, I was unable to hide my genuine feelings.

Jennifer also disclosed that James, her “understanding” spouse, had given her permission to experiment with other women and had pushed her to explore her sexuality.

Jennifer reported that after utilizing the dating app Tinder to meet ladies and always being upfront about her circumstances;

It was like returning home.

“The degree of affection you experience with a lady was something I wasn’t anticipating. I experienced equality.

There was something wonderfully soothing in the fact that I had endured domestic abuse in a previous relationship before I married James.

“I felt like I could unwind for the first time ever.

“I used to sleep from head to toe in pajamas, but I would happily sleep naked next to a lady.

Even while I could appreciate a handsome guy and had found men to be appealing, my sentiments for women were more sexual.

James and Jennifer split up earlier this year after struggling to make their marriage work and even exploring polyamory.

But Jennifer, who is now dating, feels that their family has benefited from it. She stated:

“We joyfully co-parent; I still see James almost daily, and since my coming out, our family time has increased significantly.

“I could not be more appreciative of his incredible support for me. Although the wrong gender, he is the proper guy.

“My dad was really supportive; all he wants is for me to be content.

“My pals were overjoyed on my behalf and even insisted they had known all along. Only I wish they had informed me earlier.


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