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These LADIES and influencers you see taking vacations in Dubai are paid to have camels and rich men pee on them.

In the UAE, numerous prominent influencers have received lavish payments to partake in the “Dubai Porta Potty” fad.

According to reports, the influencers receive cheap flights to Dubai and special treatment in return for which they must put up with a variety of dehumanizing experiences like eating human or camel poop or being urinated on.

A social media user said a friend of theirs had been forced to perform horrifying acts in exchange for $50,000 at a “Porta Potty” party at a remote home while she was visiting the UAE.

They alleged: “The only things in the place were buckets and sex toys.

“The females were told to strip off before the men entered. She claimed to have watched in horror as a German man approached a bucket, peed in it, and then handed a girl the contents.

“I’m just going to make a list of everything she claimed to have done and/or seen:

“One of the girls had the bucket’s contents crammed up her.

She ate a substantial portion of excrement.

“Girls had to lick up excrement while sliding over the floor on their stomachs.

There were actions like to human centipedes.

They continued by saying that although their friend received $50,000 for her trouble, she is still dealing with the trauma.

They continued: “She went home and took a work sabbatical as well as intense therapy because the sight of anything brown and creamy triggered her.”


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