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Check out what UHURU was promised by religious leaders at the State House meeting on Friday, less than one month before voting on August 9th.

Religious leaders in Central Kenya have vowed to help their adherents cast the best possible vote in the general election on August 9.

The leaders promised to continue preaching the gospel of peace, love, and unity during the electioneering period when they met with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House.

Uhuru, on his part, praised the clergy for their staunch and ongoing support, emphasizing that the advancements made under his administration were largely the result of God’s providence through the clergy’s persistent divine intercession.

During this election season, he underlined the value of peace, togetherness, and coherence and expressed concern that certain politicians were running dishonest, polarizing, and misleading campaigns.

“You’ve already started a rebellion, and now you’re going throughout the nation complaining that you’ve been treated unfairly. A deal is a two-way conversation. You are also mistaken if I’m incorrect. Regarding his deputy William Ruto, Uhuru remarked, “You have no right to pursue leadership by lying, insulting, and stealing.

At the same time, Uhuru counseled Kenyans to exercise their constitutional right by choosing leaders who are sincere and progressive and who have the country’s best interests at heart.


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