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ZELIE TIMOTHY wants to live her best life, but TYRESE GIBSON says he wants to get married, therefore they have broken up.

Zelie Timothy, Tyrese Gibson’s most recent girlfriend, has split up with him.

The actor, who started dating Zelie not long after his second marriage to Samantha Lee came to an end, posted a series of announcements on Instagram.

He wrote about wishing to be freed from the “devilish charm and the sexual seduction of a superb manipulator” and uploaded a picture of a snake trying to strangle a deer.

Informing his followers that they can have fun with Zelie, he continued, “I am single now.”

Zelie wants to continue having fun and living her best life, he said, adding that he wanted to be married.

Without his “wife and family,” he continued, he is adrift and all he wants is a secure home.

Tyrese has had two marriages, both of which ended in divorce.

In the meantime, Zelie has used Instagram to distribute posts that are thought to be directed at Tyrese.

One of her posts states, “I preserved several people’s reputation by not presenting my side of the story.


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