IEBC Commissioner stirs up controversy by severely insulting Kenyan politicians You won’t think he characterized things in that way.


Prof. Abdi Guliye, a commissioner for the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), has stirred up controversy after calling Kenyan politicians “dimwits” due to their lack of intelligence.

Guliye urged Kenyans to refrain from celebrating people running for electoral office during a news conference hosted by the IEBC because the majority of them do not deserve the praise.

Based on his examination of the academic credentials presented by the very politicians for clearance, Guliye claims that most politicians have low IQ scores.

Politicians with low IQs, he observed, are the ones that make constant demands and loud noises.

“The issue is that elections are a do-or-die proposition in our nation. Everybody wants to be a politician because we have elevated them to such a pedestal.

If you look at the candidates’ certificates, they are at the bottom of the IQ scale when we clear them, he said.

Furthermore, he cited contentious degree requirements for Members of Parliament in claiming that leadership posts had been made available to those without the necessary credentials.

He asserted that the elimination of degree requirements was an intentional effort to encourage the majority of them to run for elected office.

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