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When I meet RUTO, I want to slap him because Prof. MAKAU MUTUA freely says that he detests the DP with a burning hatred.


Prof. Makau Mutua, a renowned political columnist and academic, has said that he has a fierce hatred for William Ruto, the presidential candidate for the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

Makau, who serves as the former prime minister Raila Odinga’s spokesperson for communications, wrote on Twitter on Thursday that he feels like slapping Ruto whenever he hears him speak.

On Thursday, Makau wrote on his Twitter profile, “I got a really strong impulse to SLAP @WilliamsRuto every time I see him speaking.”

Mutua’s remark comes only days after Ruto acknowledged that he nearly smacked President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017 after the Supreme Court annulled his victory. At the time, Kenyatta was on the verge of surrendering.

Ndiyo huyo, then Oh my gosh, wacha tuachane na hii kitu, hii maneno, sijui nini, mimi sitaki, mimi nataki kuenda Ichaweri, sasa mimi sitaki. When the Kikuyu community elders paid him a courtesy visit at his Karen home last weekend, Ruto told them, “(Here is the President and he says he is not keen on participating in the repeat presidential election and that he wants to go to Ichaweri (his home village in Kiambu County), that we should abandon this thing.)

“Mimi nikamwangalia, nikamwambia ‘wewe’! Ni vile tu nilikua na heshima, ningemchapa kofi. Ati sisi tuache?” (I looked at him and told him ‘you!’ It’s only that I was being respectful, I would have slapped him. How could we just quit?),” he added.



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