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TRAVIS SCOTT calls for the spectators who are hanging from the truss to leave the show.

Travis Scott, who performed a new show on July 4th, paused for a few minutes because a few of his fans were endangering themselves months after people died at his Astroworld concert.

Travis reportedly opened for Meek Mill at the Coney Art Walls on Coney Island, according to TMZ. At roughly 8 PM, he entered the stage, DJ’d, and then started to perform.

Because of the dense crowd, a few concertgoers clambered up a lighting truss and dangled above the stage to view Travis’ performance.

When he realized what was going on, he halted the performance and told the audience to descend from the truss. The concert continued once they obeyed his instructions.

Travis is currently facing multiple lawsuits over the Astroworld tragedy, with some of the victims and victims’ families alleging he should have stopped the show before the crush. He has however insisted he didn’t see or know what was going on, and neither did the police at the show. 


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