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This is why, despite his odd manifesto, Pastors and Bishops might change their minds and vote for WAJACKOYAH until the last man without thinking.


Church leaders and George Wajackoyah, the presidential candidate for the Roots party in Kenya, have been exchanging jabs over his peculiar platform.

The 2022 presidential candidate’s divisive platform, which calls for legalizing bhang and prostitution as well as exporting hyena testicles, has drawn scathing criticism from citizens all throughout the nation.

Wajackoyah pledged to legalize prostitution and marijuana when he unveiled his manifesto, which upset some religious groups.

Church officials claimed that Wajackoyah’s manifesto is not only unethical but also deceptive; nonetheless, Wamae, who is running alongside him, tried to sweeten the pot to win the church over.

Churches will be the biggest beneficiaries of Wajackoyah’s regime, particularly from the earnings of bhang, claims Justina.

According to Justina, if they are successful in forming the next administration, every churchgoer will get a tithe of at least $300,000.

“If a bag of industrial hemp costs US$3.2 million and the pastor requests 10% from the congregation, they will receive US$300,000 from one follower. What about 1,000 followers?

We are in direct competition with you; we provide advice on how Kenyans can earn money so that churchgoers can give pastors a larger tithing check.she said



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