Home Entertainment ZUCHU and DIAMOND PLATNUMZ appear to be married.

ZUCHU and DIAMOND PLATNUMZ appear to be married.


Diamond Platnumz, a Tanzanian musician, has made marriage to Zuchu, a record company signee, seem likely.

Back in December 2021, there were rumors that Diamond and Zuchu began dating.

Additionally, other blogs claimed that they wed on February 14, 2022, although they did not confirm or refute whether the ceremony actually took place.

Diamond’s official deejay and cousin Romy Jones appeared to have also confirmed that the Bongo singer indeed wed Zuchu in a Muslim ceremony in Dar es Salaam.

He composed;

Yanayojiri Madale mchana huu Mashaallah mdogo angu nasibu ukatulie sasa. mzae na katoto kazuuuri mkaite Romeo (What’s currently happening in Madale. My younger brother Nasibu you can now settle down. Get a baby and name him after me).”

In a conversation on social media, Diamond Platnumz appears to have finally verified that he is married.

In a remark on an Instagram post from his record company WCB Wasafi, Diamond referred to himself as Zuchu’s husband.

Wasafi shared a video in which he gave an exciting performance, and Diamond commented on it by saying, “That’s Zuuh’s (Zuchu) spouse.”



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