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We don’t mess around with clowns! – NICKI MINAJ criticizes KANYE WEST for not releasing their joint project but instead appearing on CARDI B’s newest track.

Rapper Nicki Minaj has criticized her friend and business partner Kanye West for not releasing their musical duet and instead moving on to appear on Cardi B’s most recent single.

After a 45-minute delay, Minaj finally began performing. She opened with her Lil Baby collaboration “Do We Have A Problem” before moving on to crowd favorites including “We Go Up,” “Did It On ’em,” and “Beez in the Trap.”

However, Minaj ended the event after her DJ played “Monster,” the 2010 Kanye West song where many fans believe she gave her best cameo appearance.

“But a monster!” Minaj started. “But a monster! However, we avoid clowns.

Due to Kanye West’s appearance on Cardi B’s new single, “Hot Shit,” it was immediately assumed that Minaj had broken up with him. In contrast, Kanye West declined to release a song that Nicki had co-written with him for his last album, Fonda and Donda 2.

“Where are you? Jay was where? Where were they located? Where have you been? Where do you reside? Ye raps on “Hot Shit,” “Another headline, where your hat at?/N-gga, go home, where your kids at?


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