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On camera, a woman is seen adding something to a man’s drink at a restaurant along Thika Road. See the ruse she employed to sneak the “mchele” into his beverage.

The moment a man’s drink was tainted by a woman he met in a well-known bar on Thika Road is captured on CCTV.

In the video, the crafty woman, who had camped inside the club to prey on unsuspecting guys, is seen taking out a stupefying substance from her handbag.

She then pretends to drop something on the ground and stoops to “pick it up.”

When she notices that the obviously intoxicated man is not aware, she immediately injects the sedative chemical often referred to as “mchele” into his bottle of whiskey and carries on as if nothing had occurred.

After learning he had a car, she allegedly drugged him.

She may be a member of the renowned “mchele ladies,” who collude with criminals to steal automobiles.


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