Months after her colorful wedding, KEZIAH, KIENGEI’s ex-wife, asks for divorce.


Keziah, a former Kameme presenter and Kiengei’s former spouse, is said to have filed for divorce.

In a colorful wedding witnessed by friends and family, Keziah walked down the aisle with a guy known as George Njoroge in December of last year.

Popular Facebook blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga, who is knowledgeable about the private lives of well-known Kikuyu celebrities, disclosed the news of Keziah’s failed marriage.

“Life has a way of frustrating good girls. Filing of divorce papers already initiated. Aliwachwa tena,” Martha posted on her Facebook page.

Our understanding is that Keziah made the decision to seek for divorce after learning that her husband, a divorcee, was having many affairs.

When she hosted the Kigooco Explosion event at Ruiru Stadium in May of this year, her spouse was noticeably absent.

At the occasion, her ex-husband Kiengei hugged her and gave her a Ksh 100,000 gift.

Before she married her husband, Keziah apparently had warnings about his actions.


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